Pilot program provides real-size, interactive visualization of the i3 and i8.

The car shopping experience is going through some major changes as nowadays you can buy a Hyundai or a Smart online by simply clicking on a mouse button several times, just like you would purchase a TV or a smartphone. BMW is also proposing a high-tech approach by rolling out a pilot program for the i3 and i8 allowing customers to use a 3D augmented reality visualizer using Google’s Tango technology.

Available at first only in a double-digit number of BMW sales outlets, the visualizer is entirely interactive and gives potential buyers the chance to virtually open the doors and the trunk of an i3 or i8, as well as get inside of it. Best of all, customers get to play with a full-size interpretation of the car and are able to instantly check out all the colors and trims available for the two electrified models.

BMW augmented reality product visualizer
BMW augmented reality product visualizer

This hands-on experience via the BMW i Visualiser aims to deliver “extremely realistic” images, according to Andrea Castronovo, BMW Group Vice President, Sales Strategy and Future Retail. He goes on to specify:

“In our initial tests, we saw people ducking down when they were getting into the car, as if there really were a roof there for them to bang their heads on. It’s that level of detail which means this technology offers the customers real added value.”

Chicago-based Accenture was in charge of integrating the i3 and i8 picture data into an app that uses Tango to provide a more immersive car configurator. How immersive you ask? Well, you can actually switch on the lights, for example. Once you’re done playing with all the available features, you can simply save your customization for later viewing or to share it on social media channels.

Following the end of the pilot program, BMW says it will offer the app on Google Play for everyone to enjoy. Everyone with a Tango-enabled Android-running device, that is.

Source: BMW

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