Mercedes also updates the standard GT and GT S with more powerful engines and a retro-inspired nose.

The Mercedes-AMG GT family grows even larger at the North American International Auto Show with the introduction of the previously spied GT C Coupe. As the model’s name implies, it takes the extra power and more aggressive style from the GT C Roadster but includes a sleek roof over the driver’s head.

The GT C models slot above the GT S, which is currently only available as a coupe, but below the GT R – also hardtop only. Like the rest of the family, the new entry uses a 4.0-liter biturbo V8 and seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. Here, the mill makes 550 horsepower (410 kilowatts) and 502 pound-feet (681 Newton-meters) of torque. The retuned mill lets this variant sprint to 60 miles per hour (97 kilometers per hour) in 3.7 seconds and to a top speed of 196 mph (315 kph). In comparison, the GT S has 515 hp (384 kW) and 494 lb-ft (670 Nm), and the GT R produces 577 hp (430 kW) and 516 lb-ft (700 Nm).

Mercedes-AMG GT C Coupe
Mercedes-AMG GT C Coupe

The GT C also benefits from additional performance goodies to lure buyers towards the higher end model. Like the GT R, it has rear-wheel steering for sharper handling. Adaptive damping and an electronic limited-slip differential are also standard.

Visually, the GT C gets Mercedes’ new Panamericana grille that takes inspiration from the company’s race cars including the Mercedes-AMG GT3 and original iteration of the iconic 300SL. The design has 15 chrome-plated vertical bars. The C Coupe also has Airpanel active air management system from the AMG GT R that places electrically actuated louvers at the bottom of the front bumper. They open to increase cool airflow into the engine bay during hard driving and offer the car sleeker aerodynamics when closed. At the rear, the latest variant also has the R’s wider fenders that are a total of 2.25 inches (57.15 millimeters) broader than lower trim versions.

Mercedes’ engineers also put effort into improving the existing GT and GT S by giving them refreshed looks and extra power. They now have the Panamericana grille and Airpanel intakes. New engine tuning gives the base model 469 hp (350 kW) and 465 lb-ft – gains of 13 hp (10 kW) and 22 lb-ft (30 Nm) respectively. The GT S now makes 515 hp (384 kW) and 494 lb-ft (670 Nm) – increases of 12 hp (9 kW) and 15 lb-ft (20 Nm). There are also new options for them like the AMG Interior Night package that dresses up the interior with a microfiber-covered steering wheel and adds high-gloss black trim around the cabin. The AMG Exterior Carbon Fiber package uses the lightweight material for the front splitter, fender side fins, mirror housings, and rear diffuser.

Mercedes-AMG GT and GT S refresh
Mercedes-AMG GT and GT S refresh

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Mercedes isn’t yet announcing pricing for any of these models, but the GT C is exclusively available in the posh Edition 50 model to start, which is limited to 50 coupes and 50 roadsters. Buyers get black-chrome trim, AMG forged wheels, and can pick an exclusive color called Designo Graphite Grey Magno. Inside, there’s nappa leather with a mix of microfiber and gloss black trim.

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Source: Mercedes-Benz
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