Three different cars for different tastes are offered to potential buyers for self-building by Six-River Racing.

Six-River Racing is offering a new line of cars that can be built by the customers themselves. According to Six-River, "if you like to tinker and turn a wrench in 100+ hours you can have a car that will thrill you on the road with style and uniqueness."

The three cars are called the Sonic7, the Rocket and the VStorm. They cater for different people with different needs.

The VStorm for example uses a Subaru or Aprillia Mille 997cc V-twin engine with maximum power of 143bhp and torque of 101Nm. It weighs about 500kg and can be fitted with a choice of two gearboxes that will help drive the car from 0 - 60mph in 4.8 seconds.


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