The concept can also sell energy back to the grid, which would slice some money off your electric bill.

If you ever think about becoming an Uber driver to make some extra money, Honda is doing one better by unveiling the NeuV (New Electric Urban Vehicle) concept at CES. The autonomous EV works for its owner when the person doesn’t need the car. Sharing a vehicle with countless strangers might be too much for some germ-adverse people, no matter how good the payback could be.

Honda estimates that people don’t use their vehicle 96 percent of the time, and the NeuV turns that idle time into money by ferrying passengers autonomously when the owner doesn’t need the vehicle. In addition, the concept could lower someone’s energy bills by selling the electricity stored in its batteries back to the grid during periods of high demand.

Honda NeuV Concept

“We designed NeuV to become more valuable to the owner by optimising and monetising the vehicle’s down time,” said Mike Tsay, Principal Designer at Honda R&D Americas.

The NeuV’s design features a small, curved pod that’s predominantly glass. The rear features an arching LED strip of taillights and a gigantic rear window. Inside, the two-seat cabin a digital panel stretches across the entire dashboard, and there’s a bizarre steering wheel with the spokes on the bottom. An electric longboard in the back gives drivers something to ride when they reach the destination.

Honda NeuV Concept

Beyond being a money-maker for its owner, the NeuV’s tech would also make a person’s life easier with a so-called "emotion engine.” The system uses artificial intelligence to act as a personal assistant. The AI would monitor the driver’s emotions and judgments behind the wheel and then make recommendations, like what music to listen to, based on that mood.

Power would come from a 20-kilowatt-hour battery pack with inductive charging. A 74-horsepower (55-kilowatt) electric motor would provide a range between 100 and 200 miles (161 to 322 kilometers).

Honda’s other concept vehicle at CES is a self-balancing motorcycle that uses three electric motors to make fine adjustments for keeping it upright. Conceivably, the tech would allow an owner to hail their bike, and the cycle would roll over to them.

Source: Honda

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