Volvo is the latest automaker to pull out of the Tokyo motor show.

The Swedish automaker announced last week that it would not take part in the motor show. Parent company Ford, along with fellow Detroit automakers GM and Chrysler, also pulled out of the show last week.

The association which runs the Tokyo motor show, the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA), had considered canceling the show due to a lack of participation but last week announced it was going forward and holding it. Some members had believed that the current global automotive crisis warranted skipping the show for this year. But the major Japanese automakers were committed to the show and will now be participating.

One of those is Mazda, which has said it will be at the show. The automaker is also closely allied with Ford, which owns 13 percent of Mazda. Ford once held a 33 percent share of the Japanese automaker but sold off most of its stock last year to raise cash. Ford sold 20 percent of Mazda for 540 million US dollars.

The Tokyo Motor Show takes place every two years. Press days for this year's show will be the 21st and 22nd of October. The public show takes place from October 23rd to November 8th of this year.


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