The upcoming EV will be able to drive itself in one lane on the highway.

Watch out Tesla Model 3 because when the second-generation Nissan Leaf hits the market, the company is including its ProPilot semi-autonomous driving technology. Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn dropped the detail about the upcoming EV during his presentation at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show.

ProPilot will give the next-gen Leaf the ability to drive itself within a single-lane of highway traffic. While this system isn’t as sophisticated as Tesla’s Autopilot system that can even manage snowy roads, the tech is still a major selling point for Nissan’s affordable EV.

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So far, Nissan is only saying that the next-gen Leaf arrives “in the near future,” but recent speculation puts the date around the latter part of 2019. The new Leaf will share a platform and powertrain with the next-gen Renault Zoe. Expect the Nissan to look like the sharp-edged IDS concept (pictured above).

ProPilot is Nissan’s brand name for its autonomous-driving tech. The current version can control steering, acceleration, and braking, and drivers must keep their hands on the wheel. It works at up to 81 miles per hour (130 kilometers per hour). The next step for the system comes in 2018 when Nissan plans to add the capability for multi-lane highway driving. The company’s goal is to make navigating intersections possible by 2020.

Nissan ProPilot

Nissan introduced an earlier version a ProPilot to consumers in Japan on the Serena minivan (above). The automaker will roll out the system in Europe in 2017 on the popular Qashqai crossover. The company will eventually offer the system on a total of 10 models through 2020.

Nissan has been toying this tech for years, including an autonomous Leaf in 2015 when the company introduced the Piloted Drive 1.0 concept. The model was able to change lanes and merge off or onto highways.

The company first introduced the Leaf in 2010, and it has been hugely successful by EV standards. Nissan has sold over 250,000 of them worldwide since the launch.

Source: Nissan

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