It’s a 570-horsepower Frankenstein drift machine.

What happens when you shove a Ferrari V8 into a Toyota GT86? Pro drift driver and the mad scientist behind this creation, Ryan Tuerck, shows us exactly that in this new video. He calls it the GT4586, and while we saw first at SEMA back in November, this is the first time we’re seeing it in action on the track.

Tuerck took it out to Willow Springs Raceway in California for some light “testing.” Most of that testing involved the car being sideways with a bellow of white smoke shooting out behind it. He brought along some friends, too, a Nissan 370Z Nismo driven by Chris Forsberg joins the drift party.

With the engine off a Ferrari 458 Italia, the GT4586 sounds amazing. The high-revving 4.5-liter V8 pumps out a whopping 570 horsepower, and pairs with custom headers (facing the wrong direction), front-facing exhaust pipes, and one gnarly body kit.

Toyota GT4586 on track

Of course, all that added power gets tacked on to a new suspension that has been dramatically altered in order to get more sideways. The custom components connect to a set of BC Racing DR Spec coilers built by Tuerck himself with the help of Shawn Hudspeth from Huddy Motorsports.

The wheels are a set of Fifteen52 Penta finished in gold, and spec’d to 18-inches for the project. The wheels are wrapped in a set of Hankook RS3 tires with 245/40R18s up front and 265/40R18s in the rear. To ensure added stopping power, the GT4586 also tacks on a set of massive Brembro brakes, supplied by Nameless Performance.

The final result is a ready-made drift machine capable of doing things… well, like this.

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