Bosch wants to connect the car to the city, and use the vehicles sensors for creating real-time maps of available parking spaces.

The Internet of Things and Connectivity are major buzzwords at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, and Bosch brings these ideas into the car with its concept for the automotive cabin of the future. The high-tech interior integrates with all of a person’s digital devices and turns the vehicle into a mobile personal assistant.

Bosch’s cabin is closer to a high-tech office than what we traditionally think of as a car’s interior. Once inside the wood-paneled cockpit, cameras with facial recognition software recognize the driver and adjust the steering wheel, mirrors, interior temperature, and radio station, according to the person’s preferences. During autonomous driving, the multiple interior displays also work for video conferences or for watching movies.

Bosch CES Concepts
Bosch CES Concepts

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“Once highly automated driving becomes reality, the car will be a third living space next to the home and the office,” Dr. Werner Struth, member of the board of management at Bosch, said. The company predicts that by 2025 self-driving vehicles could save people 100 hours per year on the road.

Bosch also imagines that the vehicle’s computers would connect via the cloud to the owner’s smart home and even to city services. For example, the vehicle would monitor the spaces between parked cars on the road and share that data. Cloud computing would calculate the location of open spots and create a map of them for other drivers to use. Bosch actually plans to conduct a pilot test of this tech in 2017.

The connected car future isn’t a utopia, though. Bosch admits that the vehicles would need frequent over-the-air updates because “if the car communicates with its surroundings, security updates must be carried out on a regular basis.” A software hole in your vehicle’s computer would be a new thing for many drivers to worry about.


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