American tuners South Side Performance have created a tuning kit for the Nissan GT-R capable of boosting performance to 820 horsepower.

American tuner South Side Performance has created a turbo kit capable of boosting the Nissan GT-R up to 820 horsepower. The upgrade is made to fit on Nissan's stock parts facilitating quality of installation.

If true, this could bring the 0-60mph time down from 3.2 seconds to somewhere between the Bugatti Veyron and the Hennessey Venom 800TT (2.9 s and 2.4 s).

South Side Performance uses Garrett ball bearing water cooled turbo chargers, an upgraded actuator, high pressure aluminum compressor wheel, and new turbine wheel. The company claims their choice in turbo is because of the large amount of power Garrett turbos produce, even at low RPMs. Thus, these new turbos deliver a healthy amount of additional horsepower from the moment you hit the accelerator, on up to the red line.

Anybody looking to race for pink slips and evade police chases would want to get the South Side Performance GTR820RR Turbo Upgrade Kit. Anybody else might find that kind of power to be unnecessary. When exchanging the GT-R stock turbo, the price of this kit comes to $6,499. Installation takes about a week.

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