The Q7 deep learning concept provides a glimpse of the not-so-distant future for autonomous Audis.

Audi is showing off its clever self-driving tech these days at CES in Las Vegas with a new Q7-based deep learning concept featuring highly advanced artificial intelligence developed in collaboration with Nvidia. To better demonstrate the vehicle’s AI capabilities, the vehicle drove itself without any human input on a specially designed open area.

It did so by relying on a front-mounted camera featuring a two megapixel resolution that captured the road up ahead and then sent the gathered information to Nvidia’s processing unit, which was effectively in charge of controlling the Q7’s steering. To get where it is today, the Q7 deep learning concept was initially fitted with extra training cameras in order to get acquainted with the route and its surroundings while the vehicle was being controlled by a human driver.

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With subsequent demonstrations, the Q7 was able to learn more and more about how to drive itself and now it can figure out on its own what to do when there’s a temporary traffic signal in front, for example. Audi believes artificial intelligence plays a very important role in the development of piloted driving technologies and that’s why it has teamed up with Nvidia to boost progress.

2018 Audi A8 spy photo
2018 Audi A8 spy photo

The fruits of the collaboration between the two in AI will be seen in the all-new A8 flagship slated to debut later this year. Set to feature Audi’s new MIB2+ (Modular Infotainment Platform) powered by Nvidia’s Tegra K1 processor, the fullsize sedan will benefit from the second-gen Audi Virtual Cockpit set to merge onboard and online information. MIB2+ is going to work together with the central driver assistance controller (zFAS), which will be making its series debut in the new A8. Further down the line, Nvidia’s X1 processor is going to be implemented.

Check out spy shots of the new A8:

For its new range topper, the automaker has also joined forces with Mobileye to implement image recognition using deep learning methods, also a first. The fourth-gen A8 (D5) will be the first production Audi to feature a traffic jam pilot function, which will allow the car to “take over full control at times.” More advanced levels of autonomy will be implemented in the next decade, with the ultimate goal being to engineer an entirely self-driving Audi.

Meanwhile, the next A8 is likely heading to the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

Source: Audi


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