Looks like a lot of fun!

Yesterday, Renault-Nissan Alliance CEO Carlos Ghosn had his first close encounter with the technology of the future. He sat behind the steering wheel of a self-driving Infiniti Q50 prototype on the streets of Sunnyvale in California's Silicon Valley.

To be honest, it sounds like a lot of fun – and it looks like a lot of fun judging by the video, but apparently it requires some special efforts to drive a… hmm, driverless car. As Ghosn explains, the sedan has a special California registration for autonomous drive vehicles, and he had to receive a special state license to operate it hands-free.

Many people still feel uncomfortable with autonomous cars, but Ghosn, who was approved for a third salary after being appointment as chairman of the board at Mitsubishi, points out he quickly felt comfortable and safe as the car smoothly “negotiated the suburban streets, including intersections and dense traffic.”

Carlos Ghosn drives Infiniti Q50 autonomous prototype
Carlos Ghosn drives Infiniti Q50 autonomous prototype
Carlos Ghosn drives Infiniti Q50 autonomous prototype

“We went on both the freeway and city streets; there were times when other drivers cut in on us, but never did we feel threatened,” one of the best-paid executives in the auto industry explains in a LinkedIn post. “Each time the car anticipated the other car's move and reacted appropriately.”

More about autonomous tech:

Sports cars are still “very important” for Nissan and the automotive industry, as Ghosn explained during a press meeting at the Paris Motor Show last year, but the Renault-Nissan Alliance is also committed to launch at least 10 models with “significant autonomous drive functionality by 2020.”

“As these technologies advance, the auto industry has an unprecedented opportunity to make our roads much safer while giving drivers a less stressful and more productive commuting experience.”

While Ghosn agrees driving is fun, he says “autonomous-drive cars will help older drivers get around safely much further into their senior years” and “they also hold the potential to help ease urban congestion, improve traffic management, and make our roads far safer.”

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Source: Carlos Ghosn on LinkedIn

Gallery: Carlos Ghosn drives Infiniti Q50 autonomous prototype

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