Would you be willing to give so much personal information to an automaker's connectivity service?

BMW takes high-end mobility systems out of the car with its Connected Window at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show. The gigantic panel is a new way for people to visualize their daily schedule, including appointments, the weather, and even shopping destinations by using the automaker's Connected service.

BMW Connected Window

For the demonstration at CES, BMW uses the Connected Window to simulate a person’s daily routine. The display welcomes the owner at the start of the day and shows upcoming appointments on a vertical timeline. Gesture recognition lets the user expand these meetings on the display for more information about them. The system also plots out the way to drive through all the scheduled stops, including taking into account real-time traffic data.

The Connected Window integrates information from a person’s smartphone, wearable computer, tablet, and other devices. So when there’s a day full of appointments, the tech can beam the info directly to the navigation system of an owner’s BMW. A person’s smartphone also receives the data and displays reminders via text messages throughout the day.

BMW Connected Window

Most people have a fairly consistent daily schedule, and BMW’s next goal is make the Connected service take into account someone’s regular activities. The system would then recommend suitable times for fitting in other things, like sports or regular stops.

Giving so much power and personal information to an automaker’s cloud-based network might be too much for some people because it might seem like an extreme invasion of privacy. However, BMW sees the role of digitalization increasing, and the company sees room for offering this level of deep connectivity to future buyers.

Source: BMW

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