Touchscreens are so last century. This concept replaces them with holograms, including tactile feedback.

BMW has a major presence at CES, including the debut of a self-driving 5 Series, and the German automaker looks even further into the future of motoring with the i Inside Future sculpture concept. The avant-garde vehicle features the company’s BMW HoloActive Touch that showcases a holographic interface for controlling navigation, infotainment, and communications.

BMW considers the i Inside Future a sculpture of the future of autonomous mobility. The designers put the major focus on the interior, but the futuristic exterior is fun to look at, too. The BMW kidney grille remains as an outline and skinny wheels replace the tires. At the back, strips of LEDs run vertically for the taillights.

BMW i Inside Future sculpture concept
BMW i Inside Future sculpture concept

The lack of doors makes it easy to see inside, which is exactly what BMW wants. The cabin showcases the brand’s holographic infotainment system that would be the next evolution of gesture control. Occupants in front can make selections from a full-color floating display on the center console. A camera watches each of the controller’s fingertips, and after an input an ultrasonic source emits a pulse that the person feels as a vibration. According to BMW, the advantage of this tech is that occupants don’t have to reach forward to use it, and the display can fade out of view when not in use.

BMW i Inside Future sculpture concept

As a fully autonomous vehicle, a driver is largely unnecessary, so the designers put a major focus on connectivity and comfort. The dashboard display stretches across the entire cabin. When not showing information, the screens integrate into the existing design. The occupants can also enjoy their own music or audio through the BMW Sound Curtain that embeds speakers in each headrest and only that person can hear the noise. Those in the back can fold down a widescreen display from the headliner and either stream video or connect their own device to the system. When not in use, it acts as an ambient light source.

For a better look at the i Inside Future concept, check back soon for live photos of BMW’s booth at CES.

Source: BMW

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