Very few people would look at a Grand Prix race, full of crashes, debris, and injury, and think, "Let's see what happens when we put six children together in one of these cars, and take it up to 300 mph." But Canadian Mike Pettipas did think of it, and has the seven-seat GP Limo to show for it.

Looking like Aqua Teen Hunger Force's Carl, but with more hair, Pettipas has been working on the limo off and on for 15 years. He believes the vehicle will be able to pass the 300 mph mark at Bonneville, but it has not happened yet.

The vehicle has been tested in the sweltering desert heat at the Las Vegas International Motor Speedway, and has subsequently gone through over four years of government testing. Once ready, the GP Limo will create corporate packages of $5,000, with laps starting at $200. The company will also run the street-legal vehicle as a limo, but it is hard to imagine anyone showing up on the red carpet in this thing.

Mock Pettipas and the GP Limo if you will, but remember that there are also good intentions behind this creation. The team behind the GP Limo is an ardent supporter of Childrens Charities, and they will likely provide charity rides for underpriveleged kids.

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