The autonomous prototype will be on display at CES.

In the ongoing pursuit of a semi-autonomous lineup – which the company hopes to have on the road by 2021 – BMW has unveiled an all-new, self-driving 5 Series at CES. Though the company is calling it a "prototype," it seems about as close to production as any car on the road.

Here’s how it works. Using the available onboard computer, the 5 Series can cross-check the vehicle’s position and surroundings via a digital map. That means insanely accurate lane-keeping capabilities. The driver also has the ability to notify the vehicle of upcoming appointments and events, to which the car will calculate an optimal route and suggest departure times based on traffic and road conditions.

All that information is controlled via an Open Mobility Cloud service, which acts as the intelligent data management system. It also allows drivers and passengers alike the opportunity to enjoy many of the added in-car entertainment network. 

BMW 5 Series Autonomous Prototype

Once in "Passenger" mode (i.e.: autonomous mode), users have access to a suite of apps like Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Prime Now, which are seamlessly integrated to their smartphones or tablets. If a video is selected, BMW says the car will dim the lights and close the rear sunshades. If something is purchased via Amazon Prime, passengers will be able to select a pickup point along the vehicle’s route.

Though the 5 Series prototype doesn’t integrate BMW’s new hologram virtual touchscreen – which is also making its debut at CES – it does include many of the gesture controls available in cars like the 7 Series and the inclusion of Microsoft Cortana for voice controls. 

The cherry on top of this technology sundae is a Robot Valet Parking service. It’s as cool as it sounds. A fully-autonomous parking procedure allows the driver to simply exit the vehicle and send it on its way, and recall it via an app when the driver is ready to be picked up.

All this advanced technology will be on display at CES 2017 in Vegas.

Source: BMW


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