After months of teasing, Faraday Future finally revealed its FF 91 electric crossover at the Consumer Electronic Show during a massive 90-minute presentation, but the event didn’t go perfectly. When the vehicle finally rolled on stage over an hour and eleven minutes into the press conference, the self-parking feature refused to activate. The execs tried to present the problem as the tech being “lazy tonight,” but it was clearly an embarrassment for the fledgling automaker.

Making the situation even worse, a second attempt wasn’t very successful either. With the lights dimmed, the company’s execs tried to make the system work again. The FF 91 then rolled a few feet forward and stopped again. It wasn’t an auspicious debut for the supposedly cutting edge tech.

Faraday Future FF 91

Faraday’s engineering boss, Nick Sampson, said that there “were technical challenges” with using the self-parking system inside because the roof’s steel structure blocked some of the signals, according to Jalopnik. While not part of this video, the company also successfully demonstrated the tech outside at CES.

Faraday will make the first deliveries of the FF 91 in 2018, and the company will have the Tesla Model X firmly in its sights. The FF 91 is slightly longer than its major rival and is more powerful with a total output from four electric motors of 1,050 horsepower (783 kilowatts) and over 1,328 pound-feet (1,800 Newton-meters) of torque. The motors can get the electric crossover to 60 miles per hour in a claimed 2.39 seconds. A 130 kilowatt-hour battery pack allows for an estimated range of 378 miles on the EPA cycle or 700 kilometers in Europe’s NEDC test.

The automaker will also pack the FF 91 with high-tech systems, including a bevy of sensors for semi-autonomous driving. For example, the wheel spokes can adjust to be more aerodynamic at high speed. There are also rear-facing cameras on the doors with mirrors on top the stalks to comply with current regulations. An active suspension and rear-wheel steering sharpen the handling.

Source: Jalopnik

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