And it has a range of 250 miles.

Though FCA doesn’t have a vehicle debut planned for the Detroit Auto Show, it does have something special in store for CES. This is the all-electric, autonomous Chrysler Portal concept, and it will make its world debut in Vegas.

The concept was developed to act as a "third space" between work and home. A modern, tech-friendly interior comes pre-loaded with plenty of legroom and high-quality materials. It was designed from the inside out, and is said to pinpoint the "millennial lifestyle," utilizing a number of current and up-and-coming technologies in its design.

"[The Chrysler Portal concept] serves as a social hub where up to six can enjoy, and it’s also designed to accommodate millennials as they begin their transition into family mode," said Head of FCA Global Design, Ralph Gilles.

A 180-cubic-foot interior acts as the central workspace. A clear roof panel, and a large windshield and windows allow plenty of natural light to enter the cabin. "Portal-shaped" articulating side doors, meanwhile, act as the entry points on either side. While the interior is advanced, the exterior is minimalistic, introducing some far-off design cues, but still sharing some similarities with another electric SUV currently on the market. And then there’s the technology.

Chrysler Portal Concept

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"Designed to accommodate millennials as they begin their transition into family mode."

Utilizing advanced sensor systems paired with a high-powered computing system, the Portal concept is able to perform SAE Level 3 autonomous driving, if engaged by the owner. To do so, the concept puts to use a suite of sensing technologies, including cameras, radar, LIDAR, and ultrasonic technology. The latter of which sees sensors embedded in the front and rear bumpers.

But wait, there’s more. A facial recognition feature acts as the Portal's defining attribute, and is able to configure the driver and passenger’s preferred settings, while a voice biometrics system enables users to employ commands like unlocking and opening the doors upon approach. 

Chrysler Portal Concept
Chrysler Portal Concept

Social communication within the vehicle allows passengers to share music, photos, and videos via a "community display screen," while a passenger-to-passenger intercom system lets mom or dad talk to their kids in the third row. Lest we forget the gesture control system that opens doors, monitors radio volume, and even answers phone calls, all at the flick of the wrist.

Power comes courtesy of a 100-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack that’s contained within the Portal concept’s 118.2-inch wheelbase. Fully charged, it’s able to achieve 250 miles (402 kilometers), and thanks to next-generation DC Fast Charger technology, it can also be recharged to as much as 150 miles (241 kilometers) of range in less than 20 minutes.

It’s arguably the most advanced concept car Chrysler has ever built, and it makes its debut at CES 2017 on January 3, 2017, in Las Vegas.

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