Fans of the DeLorean DMC-12 should be excited to learn that the car is making a comeback. Thanks to the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act passed in 2015, the company has already started taking orders, getting ready to ramp up production of the revived sports car later this year.

But one artist has a different strategy in mind for the iconic nameplate. Ukrainian design student Yevheniy Bratchyk has illustrated his vision of a modern DMC-12. He calls it the DMC21, and though it shares a number of cues with the original example, the rendering makes the car relevant here and now in 2017.

Starting at the front – the fascia retains features like the horizontal grille and accenting yellow fog lights. A set of proposed laser headlights are hidden behind that new grille, which gets an overall smoother shape and gives the concept a more refined look over the original.

DeLorean DMC21 Concept

The rear three quarters follows a similar strategy. The designer was able to integrate the horizontal design theme found on the front into the rear. The sportback profile features a set of lovely-looking louvers, and an updated version of the original taillights and rear diffuser. The gullwing doors also carry over, of course.

Its most defining feature comes in the body panels. The concept retains its iconic stainless steel exterior but does so without sacrificing weight. A composite construction is overlain with sheets of stainless steel, and comes paired to an adjustable rear wing, an active rear diffuser, and lightweight composite wheels, giving the DMC21 concept more performance chops. Unlike the original, Bratchyk envisions that this new DeLorean would be fully electric.

"Two-seater, fully-electric coupe fastback with the canonical gullwing doors shows an evident kinship with the DMC-12," says Bratchyk. "A proportional ratio conveys the spirit of the previous model."

Though the "new" DeLorean won’t look like the concept seen here, it is an interesting exercise nonetheless. Maybe the revival of the original could give the company some much-needed revenue to build something like this. We can dream.

Source: Yevheniy Bratchyk / Behance


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