The 2 initial renders below depict our BEHEV - Battery Exchange Hybrid Electric Vehicle that combines the appeal of a sports car with everyday versatility.

Back at the New York Motor Show in March, X PRIZE Foundation & Progressive Insurance announced the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE competition with a USD 10 million prize purse. The competition is open to any team who can 'design, build and bring to market 100 MPGe (miles per gallon energy equivalent) vehicles that people want to buy, and that meet market needs for price, size, capability, safety and performance'.

Motive Industries has now released a short press release of their 100 mpg shooting brake, currently nameless but referred to as the BEHEV (Battery Exchange Hybrid Electric Vehicle). The 2+2 uses a modular composite / aluminum / steel chassis, lightweight bio-composite body panels, front-wheel-drive multi-speed quickshift transaxle and draws its power from a high-performance ICE generator. This is just the first draft and there are no specifications known yet but we like what we see.

The first stage of the competition is set to start in September 2009 so Motive Industries and the 60 other teams from around the globe still have time to refine their designs.

Gallery: Motive BEHEV Electric Car Renderings