The legal case involving MotoGP star Valentino Rossi and a fan he allegedly assaulted during the final round of the season at Valencia has been dismissed.

The Italian rider was accused of deliberately pushing Ana Cabanillas, a fan from the town of Puerto de Santa Maria, while riding a scooter to the back of his garage on the Saturday of the Valencia weekend in November.

Cabanillas, who had been taking pictures with a selfie stick at the time of the incident, decided to press charges against Rossi after reviewing video footage that went viral, the case being assigned to the court of first instance in the nearby town of Requena.

However, the case was shelved after Cabanillas was unable to properly define the nature of Rossi's offence.

As reported by the High Court of Justice of Valencia, the fan only referred in her writing to the Yamaha rider's "bad manners" without specifying that he kicked or pushed her, nor any words he said.

Therefore, the judge decided that Cabanillas' description of Rossi's actions "did not indicate they could constitute a criminal offence."

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