It’s heading to auction in January – but it won’t be cheap.

For about $400,000, Ford will sell you a brand new GT supercar… pending you get approval from Ford first. Production is said to be limited to just 250 examples per year. But what if you’re looking for something even more exclusive than that? Why not put your money down on this last-gen Ford GT prototype.

Ford GT Confirmation Prototype 1 (CP-1) is the first fully-functional prototype the company built leading up to production in 2005, and the first with a full interior. It was just the fourth example built overall – following three display models in 2003 – and wears the VIN 004.

Ford GT CP-1 Prototype Auction

Though it may look production ready, it still has a number of parts in tow that were used exclusively for testing. A "sniffer pipe," for example, was included for emissions testing, as was a carbon fiber clamshell that cost over $45,000, a quick-release fuel tank, a black supercharger and valve covers, and even the steering column off a Windstar minivan. 

The cherry on top: it bears the signatures of 13 members of the original Ford GT design and development team, including the likes of Bill Ford, Chief Designer Camillo Pardo, and even Carroll Shelby himself. As cool as that all sounds, there is one minor catch. Considering the car was used exclusively for test and display purposes, its top speed is limited to – wait for it – a mind-boggling five miles per hour (eight kilometers per hour). 

It was sold as is in 2008 by Ford to avid collector "GT Joey" Limongelli, who, quite literally, wrote the book on the Ford GT. And in January, it will cross the auction block for the first time as part of the Russo and Steele Arizona sale in Scottsdale. Though no price estimates have been given, GT prototype CP-2 sold for $800,000 this past summer in Monterey – meaning this one could go for a million or more.

Source: Russo and Steele


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