EVs aren't perfect, but this video just tries to vilify them.

The latest video in CollegeHumor’s Adam Ruins Everything series takes on the tricky issue of whether electric vehicles are really better for the environment. Unfortunately, host Adam Conover uses false equivalencies and misinformation to make EVs seem even worse for the planet than an automobile with an internal combustion engine.

Conover’s thesis that electric cars aren’t as green as you think is inherently flawed from the outset. While the powertrains aren’t an immediate solution to climate change, having a more considerate perspective about improving the planet certainly can’t hurt.

The video’s overarching argument is that purchasing any good is bad for the environment because there are carbon emissions during the production, transportation, and consumption process. This is true for any item, though. The reasoning also ignores that owning a car is a necessity in much of the United States because of a lack of public transportation. People eventually need to buy a newer vehicle, regardless of whether the automobile has an electric motor or internal combustion engine. If someone really wants a cleaner environmental conscious then used EVs are readily available, too.

As Electrek points out Conover’s argument that EVs shift emissions from the internal combustion engine to powerplants is also flawed. While he’s right that coal-fired plants aren’t very green, an electric vehicle running on energy from one is still generally cleaner than a petroleum-fueled model. Pumping oil out of the ground, transporting it across the plant, and then the refining process aren’t environmentally friendly either.

Conover’s heart seems to be in the right place by advocating that people try to improve the environment by curbing their consumerist desires. His argument in this case doesn’t hold water, though. EVs can’t save the world alone, but they aren’t destroying the earth, either.

 Source: CollegeHumor, Electrek

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