You will want this setup in your house.

They don’t get much snow in Spain. Certainly, there’s not enough to the white stuff in the right place for the local rallyists to indulge in snowy stage again.

But where there’s a will, there’s a way. And a bunch of Spanish RC enthusiasts have built themselves a winter rallying wonderland at one-to-eight scale.

What they have built is a giant slot car track to race their rally-spec cars on. It’s full of tricky hairpins, crossovers, and jumps, and it’s liberally covered with fake snow - which looks like some sort of flour-based powder.

Whatever it is, the “snow” creates a surprisingly accurate representation of real vehicle dynamics in such slippery conditions. The cars slide about all over the place, and the operators have to be really careful about when they apply the power.

Unlike a conventional slot car track, the slot in this one just seems to guide the cars. The cars themselves are adapted RCs, with their own on-board power units driving the wheels.

There are all sorts of cars here. Loads of Subarus predictably, the odd Ford Focus WRC, and a healthy smattering of Group B machinery like the Peugeot 205 T16 and Ford RS200. There’s even an AE86 Toyota Corolla, Porsche 911, and a BMW 635CSi touring car.

We don’t know - and dread to think - how much time and effort went into building the track and cars. But we want this setup in our offic very badly.

The group usually races RC drift cars. And they're really good, as you can see below. They even take them out on their special blend of fake snow.

It's got us looking at the prices of RC and slot cars.




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