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You can set a Guinness World Record for pretty much anything. My dad once set a record for traveling in seven different types of aircraft in seven hours. He didn’t get in the book, but he was sent an official certificate. It took about ten years for someone to do better - he did go in the book.

Anyway, here’s another record for something you didn’t know there could be a record for: the “largest tyre mark image”. In other words, the biggest area covered by a drifty burnout.

Saudi Arabia’s Ford distributor, Al Jazirah Vehicles Agencies, took on the challenge with a pair of drift-spec Mustang RTR-Ds run by Al Jazirah Ford Racing, and driven by Abdulhadi Al-Qahtani and Muath Al-Essa.

The pair burned rubber laying out an image of the Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon - the record is part of a wider campaign for the organisation. Appropriately enough, the “special tires designed for burnouts” spewed out clouds of pink smoke, and the rubber left on the asphalt even had a pink tinge to it, as well.

After 45 minutes - presumably including a few tire changes - screeching around AJVA’s gigantic parking lot just outside Riyadh, an area measuring 883.98 square meters (9,515.07 square feet) had been covered, comprehensively beating the 500 sq-m (5,381.95 sq-ft) target they had been set.

AJVA president Sheikh Abdullah bin Fahad Al-Kraidees said: “Drifting is one of the most popular sports in Saudi Arabia,and as AJVA we are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for people to enjoy and appreciate different types of driving. I’d like to congratulate Al Jazirah Ford Racing Team for their remarkable achievement.”


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Source: Guinness World Records

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