Fiat's adorable 500 coupe gets a convertible sibling, which will debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March and go on sale in Europe shortly thereafter.

As if the cuteness factor of Europe's highways hadn't been boosted enough by the new Fiat 500, an open-topped version is just around the corner. Fiat plans to introduce the cabriolet, named the 500 C, at the Geneva Motor Show this March.

Fiat says that the transition from closed coupe to convertible has been accomplished without much sacrifice in interior room (such as it is). The 500 C has four seats; most of the space for packing the canvas top has come from the trunk. Although our sources say that the 500 C's door frames have been kept intact, in the style of classic Fiat micro-convertibles and the prototypes that have been spied suggest that this is the case, one of our photos seems to show a full convertible version with frameless doors.

The powertrain choices are more certain. Fiat insiders say it'll have the same 1.2 liter and 1.4 liter gasoline engines as the coupe, though the diesel is not as likely. A stop-start system which shuts off the engine when the car is idling for extended periods and provides an 8% overall economy boost is new on the 500 C. The stop-start system will expand to the coupe in the spring, and is expected to turn up on other Fiat models going forward. A tuned Abarth version of the 500 C is also expected.

The 500 C will be on sale shortly after its introduction, just in time for summer. Pricing hasn't been released yet.


Open-Top Fiat 500 C Headed for Geneva