With apologies in advance to all of our mothers, here’s what the Motor1 camera catches when the hosts think it isn’t rolling.

Though we didn’t celebrate a formal Festivus here at the Motor1 Detroit office, it seems as though our video producer, James Bradbury, has been saving up all year for his own personal “airing of grievances.” The man behind the lens as Steven, Jake, John (very occasionally), and I host regular videos like Why Buy?, young James has had to deal with all of us in less than perfect situations. We’re good guys, I promise, but, well, the stresses of video production take their toll.

The good news for you is that James has spliced together some of our more entertaining miscues, for a good-old-fashioned blooper reel video. Truth be told, the “bloopers” in question tend to revolve around flubbed lines, noisy sets, and our own (surprisingly saucy) emphatic expletives. Don’t worry though, the worst of the language has been bleeped, and the unedited director’s cut hasn’t hit the YouTube page yet (and probably never will as long as our check to James clears).

Let our weekly struggle be your five minutes of entertainment. And remember: The next time you see a Motor1 video in its fully edited glory, a lot of video-guy abuse went into getting it there.