The mannequin challenge continues to sweep over the Internet, and the folks at Hot Wheels’ headquarters are using the popular meme for showing off their amazing workplace. A two-story loop for the brand’s famous toy cars is just one of the awesome things inside.

Workers there have a huge relaxation space with bean bags and comfy chairs, but the cars grab our attention the most. The jet-powered Chevrolet El Camino looks seriously mean. There’s also a more traditional Pontiac muscle car and a devilish hot rod with a skull-shaped grille. There are more Hot Wheels toys than you can count, too.

The massive loop looks like amazing fun. After the first huge spiral, the toy cars continue through a series of smaller ones and eventually shoot into a target. It might not be as big as Ford’s but looks even more impressive. We want to see GoPro footage of the whole thing in action.

Decades after Hot Wheels’ cars introduction, the toys continue to be a staple of childhood and many adults’ work desks. They’re cheap enough to be affordable on any budget but still have the detail so that someone can imagine looking at the actual vehicle. New models every year mean it’s always worth keeping an eye on the toy aisle to see if your current dream vehicle is among the additions.

A little creativity can turn Hot Wheels into fantastic movie props, too. The annual Snowkhana series is now in its fifth installment, and they continue to get better. The maker uses stop-motion and a variety of toys to make charming little movies. The early ones largely played off the stunts in Ken Block’s Gymkhana series, but the latest ones have added even more toys, including ones from Harry Potter and Star Wars.

Source: Hot Wheels

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