Some drivers in the state my experience serious sticker shock when they renew the registration for their hybrid or electric vehicle

Hybrid and electric vehicle drivers in Michigan will be paying even more to keep their automobiles on the road in 2017 because the state will be charging owners much higher registration fees. The legislature claims that since EVs and HEVs use less gasoline, people need to pay more for them using the road because the cars don’t generate the same revenue from the standard gas tax.

Under Michigan House Bill 4736, people who own hybrids will pay $47.50 more in 2017 for vehicles weighing 8,000 pounds or less. For models over 8,000 pounds, the cost will increase by $117.50. The fee will also grow in the future because the law will require the Secretary of State to increase this tax by $2.50 for every cent of higher fuel tax.

Owners of purely electric vehicles will pay $135 more in 2017 for those weighing 8,000 pounds or less. The fee goes up by $235 for examples weighing over 8,000 pounds. The amounts will continue to increase by $5 for each additional cent of fuel tax.

The bill defines a hybrid as having a battery larger than 4 kilowatt hours of capacity, which exempts many models. For example, the upcoming Kia Niro and Ioniq Hybrid have a 1.56-kWh pack, and the Malibu Hybrid is 1.5 kWh. Hybrid and EV drivers can pay before December 31 and still get the current, much less expensive price.

According to The Detroit Free Press, some hybrid owners are experiencing problems with the increased registration costs. For example, the paper cites the case of the state charging a Toyota Prius owner the higher rate even though that vehicle has a battery smaller than 4 kWh.

Michigan isn’t the only state that charges electrified vehicle owners more than those soley with internal combustion engines. Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Missouri, and Georgia make EV and PHEV drivers pay additional fees for using the road.

Source: The Detroit Free Press, Michigan Legislature Via Green Car Reports

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