PT Cruiser is the seventh model since 2007 to be discontinued by Chrysler. Sales for the retro-styled Cruiser were down to 50,910 units in 2008 from a high of 144,717 back in 2001.

Chrysler has discontinued the PT Cruiser and is looking to sell the tooling for the model to another manufacturer, the automaker has confirmed.

Production on the PT Cruiser will end this summer, according to Chrysler President Tom LaSorda.

The PT Cruiser had been a success for Chrysler, becoming one of the main emblems of automotive retro-styling this decade and winning the 2001 North American Car of the Year award, with sales peaking that year at 144,717 units. Sales have been falling steadily ever since and were down to 50,910 units for 2008.

The PT Cruiser is the seventh model to get the axe at Chrysler since 2007 when Cerberus Capital Management took over Chrysler. Since then, the automaker has dropped the PT Cruiser convertible, the Durango, Pacifica and Aspen SUVs, the Dodge Magnum wagon and the Chrysler Crossfire.

The PT Cruiser is built at the Chrysler assembly plant in Toluca, Mexico. Chrysler has tried previously to sell off the PT Cruiser line. It is not known if Chrysler has any potential buyers.


Chrysler Axes the PT Cruiser