Meet the 2009 Farbio Track Day Car, which starts at 350 brake horsepower, but can output as much as 450 bhp!

British specialty sports car manufacturer Farbio has released details of their new 2009 Farbio Track Day Car.  Weighing just 956kg (2108 lbs), the track car has a power to weight ratio of 366 brake horsepower per ton.

That is a whopping 56% more than the BMW Z4 M Roadster.

The announcement of this car comes at the same time as the Tokyo launch of the Farbio GTS.  Introduced at the British Embassy building in Tokyo, the GTS was made official to the Japanese market on 7 January.

Limited to just 25 units, the Track Day Car is based on the supercharged Farbio GTS350.  Upgrades include and intercooler and new injectors.  The Track version has been stripped of many non-essential parts, but many of those are still available as options.  There is really no need to purchase many of these options if you truly want a car built for the racetrack.

That being said, the car comes standard as a road legal unit.  Some options will be needed to make it perfect for the track, including a roll cage.  You can also have the company tune the engine from an already impressive 350 bhp to a numbing 450 bhp, making this a real racer.

A fuel bag tank represents the standard petrol tank, helping to avoid leaks and locking in any fuel vapors.  The new gearbox also gets paired with limited slip differential.  A dry sump does its best to prevent engine oil from collecting at the bottom.  The car has the same carbon fibre body found on the GTS350.

The Farbio Track Day Car is available now directly from the company.