Turn your Model X into a Christmas tree with Tesla's latest over-the-air update.

The new OTA update released by Tesla for the Model X includes a funny Easter egg just in time for Christmas. Dubbed “Tesla Holiday Show,” the newly added function will turn the all-electric SUV into the automotive equivalent of a Christmas tree by initiating a light show and programming the Falcon Wing doors to open and close while playing “Wizards in Winter” by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra in the background.

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If you want to impress your friends by showing off the new seasonal special feature, you’ll have to download the software version and then hold the “T” button on the touchscreen for five seconds. After that, you’ll be asked to enter the access code “modelxmas,” which used to be “holiday” but has since been changed. Then you will have to get out of the car, lock it, and move away at least six feet above and around it. The so-called “Tesla Holiday Show” will automatically being and it’s going to flash the lights, flap the rear doors, and play music.

Tesla’s over-the-air holiday fun comes about a year after releasing a video with a trio of Model Xs performing a similar show for last Christmas. At that point, Elon Musk said the feature would eventually be an Easter egg in the Model X, and now the functionality has finally been added with the latest update for everyone to enjoy. Everyone with a Model X, that is.

On a related note, there is another Easter egg with the latest OTA update that will turn the Model X into a Mars rover on the navigation map after entering the word “Mars” as the access code. Check out the video below to see it.

Source: Tesla via DragTimes