US President-Elect Barack Obama will be ditching his Ford Escape Hybrid for a brand new Cadillac limousine when he moves into the White House on January 20.

Along with a new President, the White House is also getting a new limousine provided by General Motors. When Barack Obama enters the White House next week he will have a different car to that used by his predecessor George W. Bush. Obama has been riding in a ‘greener' Ford Escape Hybrid previously, after getting rid of a less environmentally-friendly Chrysler 300C.

Neither GM nor the Secret Service through spokesman Ed Donovan are divulging much in details relating to the car. Officially what is said is that it covers roughly the same ‘footprint' as the model introduced in 2004. It has run-flat tyres and there are two flags on either front fender side that are illuminated with LED lights at night. Interior is a mix of new tech and old school luxury but features devices that are conducive to a mobile office at the rear. GM previously revealed that a 10-CD player is installed.

Spy shots of the limo have been all over the web for a while now. These have led to several speculative reports regarding the car's engine and other features. Some reckon it runs on a modified GM medium-duty truck platform and is powered by a diesel motor. It's also said that the windows are thicker and made of approximately 5-inch thick bulletproof glass.

Cadillac was commissioned to build this special vehicle for the incoming US President and the GM brand couldn't be happier after completing the job in time.

"This is an assignment we really treasure," said GM spokesman David Caldwell. "We're honoured again to be associated with the U.S. presidency." He uses the word ‘again' because since 1983 GM has manufactured more Presidential limousines than rival Ford.