Tesla is getting a nice gift in time for the holidays because Consumer Reports’ latest owner satisfaction survey shows that the EV brand’s owners are the happiest folks on the road. The investigation found that 91 percent of the firm’s customers would “definitely” buy another of its vehicles.

Porsche came in second place this year with 84 percent of owners wanting another one. Audi was a somewhat distant third at 77 percent. The top three brands and Subaru in fourth at 76 percent were in the same positions last year.

Consumer Reports asks subscribers whether they would buy the same vehicle over again, and the figures come from the percentage who answer “definitely yes.” An automaker must have at least two models with data to qualify, and the automobiles come from the 2014 through 2017 model years. This time the company collected responses from over 300,000 people for the study.

There were a few big losers among major automakers this year. Ram fell to 17th place from the 5th spot last year. BMW had a similar free fall to 14th versus 6th in 2015. While Audi and Porsche are top performers, the Volkswagen brand from the same automotive corporation dropped to 24th from 16th a year ago. Fiat was at the very bottom at just 53 percent of owners wanting another one.

Beyond looking at various automakers, Consumer Reports also checked out the least satisfying models in a variety of categories. Overall, owners were least satisfied with the Acura ILX where customers complained of excess road noise and a poor ride.

However, the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles didn’t perform very well on the list because the Jeep Compass was the least satisfying small SUV, Dodge Dart least fulfilling small car, Chrysler 200 as least gratifying midsize sedan, and Dodge Grand Caravan as lowest scoring minivan.

The good news for FCA is that all of these models are already gone or on the way out of the lineup. The company is killing the Dart and 200 so that it can increase crossover production. Since the introduction of the new Pacifica, the Grand Caravan is essentially a niche model, and the Compass has a Brazilian-built replacement on the way in 2017.

Nissan didn’t perform well either because the Pathfinder had the worst rating in the midsize SUV category, and the Frontier lost among pickup trucks.

Source: Consumer Reports [1], [2] via Automotive News

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