The sad reality is most of us will never get the chance to own a real Ferrari in our lifetime, let alone a legendary 250 GTO. Thankfully we can always turn to our friends – fellow members of The Motorsport Network – at Amalgam to satisfy our innate desire for stunning Italian supercars with their insanely accurate scale models. The company's newest addition makes it easier than ever to become a Ferrari owner.

You could own something like the stunning Ferrari 250 GT0 24 Hours of Le Mans Edition you see here, which is now available in 1:18 scale from Amalgam for the first time. While these new, smaller models retain Amalgam’s expert level of craftsmanship, they don't retain the four-figure asking price of their larger siblings. This particular example retails for just $595, making it the perfect gift for any enthusiast. Upcoming additions to the line include the just launched LaFerrari Aptera, F40, Enzo, and 330 P4, among others; for now, though, only the 250 is available.

Amalgam Ferrari 250 GTO 1:18 Scale Model

Wearing the number 19, this particular model honors the 1962 250 GTO driven by Pierre Noblet and Jean Guichet at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, which achieved a second overall finish and a first place class finish. It was the only front-engined car on display at the event, and earned the nickname "Il Mostro" (The Monster) just a year earlier thanks to its ill-fitting prototype body.

Thankfully, there’s nothing monstrous about the scale model seen here. Similar to larger vehicles in the Amalgam range – like the 1:8 scale Ferrari FXX K we unboxed just a few days ago (video below) – each car is hand-crafted with only the highest-quality materials.

The model is now available for order on the Amalgam website, with more models being introduced as part of the "Ferrari at Le Mans" and "Ferrari Dream Cars" collections later in the year and into 2017. Each car also includes an acrylic base and cover, ensuring your latest addition to the home or office is on display for all to see.

Source: Amalgam


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