For those that celebrate the holiday, there’s still a few hours left to put up a Christmas tree, and classic car dealer Girardo & Co. from London, England, is showing how to transport one in style. Who needs to throw an evergreen in the back of a pickup, when a Lancia 037 rally car is ready to do the job.

The clip starts with a text message reminding the driver to get a tree. While his choice of vehicle isn’t the practical, it’s certainly the most fun. The driver keeps things sedate while motoring through town but opens up the rally machine once he reaches the country. After strapping the evergreen to the roof and a few celebratory donuts, he returns to the garage to trim the tree.

If this is the same 037 that’s in Girardo & Co.’s showroom tour video from November (below), which it appears to be, then the coupe is a rather important example. The sellers claim that this is a former rally car for Lancia’s factory team, including Henri Toivonen among the vehicle’s drivers.

The 037 was Lancia’s successor in rallying to the iconic Stratos. It raced successfully during the famous Group B era, including bringing the brand the constructors’ title in 1983. Like the Stratos, the 037 used a mid-mounted engine for driving the rear wheels, but the designers ditched the Ferrari-sourced V6 in favor of a supercharged four-cylinder. The 2.0-liter version of the mill produced 205 horsepower (153 kilowatts) in the limited run of 200 road-going models, but the company punched the powerplant out to 2.1 liters for the final evolution of the competition version.

Girado & Co.’s Website doesn’t currently show the 037 for sale, but a 1986 Lancia Delta S4 should be available there soon. The firm doesn’t have photos of it yet but says the model has just one owner. The person bought it new from Abarth in 1988 and put less than 2,548 miles (4,100 kilometers) on the homologation special in that time.

Via: Autoweek

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