Created to celebrate the brand's centenary, the Vision Next 100 is far from being your typical BMW.

With the Vision Next 100 concept, BMW is trying to provide a glimpse of what’s ahead for the Bavarian marque after a century of history filled with a plethora of legendary models. To enable a more immersive experience of its rather unusual concept, BMW has released a 360-degree virtual reality video on YouTube created using Google Spotlight Stories technology. To enjoy the full interactivity provided by the clip, you’ll need the YouTube app for Android devices or the Google Spotlight Stories app for both iOS and Android. Alternatively, a 360-degree clip sans the interactivity features is also available for smartphones and desktop.

BMW Vision Next 100 concept
BMW Vision Next 100 concept

While the Vision Next 100 concept is too futuristic to reach the production line in the near future, it is actually a sign of things to come. In 2021, a self-driving flagship dubbed “iNext” will be launched and it’s going to be entirely electric. To make that happen, BMW is going to build a research center in Unterschleissheim near Munich, Germany where more than 2,000 people are going to work on perfecting autonomous driving technologies. As early as next year, BMW will have “highly-automated vehicles” testing on public roads within cities.

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Eventually, BMW might just become the ultimate self-driving machine, one that won’t have a combustion engine since the future is electric. As a matter of fact, by the end of the decade, all BMW models are going to be offered in an electrified variant. One relevant example would have to be the third-generation X3 scheduled to spawn an EV derivative in 2020, about a year after the introduction of a zero-emissions Mini. Addition plug-in hybrid cars are also on the agenda to expand the “iPerformance” portfolio, which recently gained a new member in the form of the 530e.

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