One of the most boring parts of skiing is the wait to go back up the slope after coming down it. Subaru’s Gelande Taxi program aims to make the return journey to the top of the mountain a lot more exciting by speeding people up the snowy path in one of the brand's all-wheel drive vehicles.

The clever marketing stunt lets Subaru show off its models’ off-road prowess and endear people to the brand at the same time. Riders also get to take a commemorative photo in front of the vehicle. The Gelande Taxi is running twice this season in Japan’s Tokai region. The premiere is on January 28 and 29, and the company moves to a different ski slope on February 4 and 5.

Subaru has held Gelande Taxi events around Japan four times since 2014. In the past, the company has brought models like the Forester for the rides, and there were even demonstration runs by a WRX STI at some of the sites in 2016.

Given Subaru’s popularity in the United States, it’s surprising the company doesn’t promote similar events there. The brand could go to the popular slopes in a place like Aspen, Colorado, and easily market vehicles’ all-wheel-drive system to skiers and snowboarders. Doing the stunt with the automaker’s upcoming huge three-row crossover in early 2018 would be a good way to get out the word about the new product in the lineup.

The video above is Subaru’s preview for 2017’s event. Check out the ones below for a look at some of the earlier events, including an opportunity to see the STI sliding around.

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