Santa can take it easy this year because the JNGL64 can carry him autonomously to every kid's house.

Santa Claus’ sleigh can carry toys to children all over the world on Christmas Eve, but it doesn’t have much style or modern tech. White64 Motors aims to give Old Saint Nick a 21st century upgrade by building the JNGL64 autonomous flying vehicle for him. This sporty pickup can still haul a load of presents and eases Kris Kringle's workload.

Santa can leave the reindeer in the stables this year because the JNGL64 runs on the power of belief, which is a very green, renewable fuel. With a top speed of Mach 3,000 (2.84 million miles per hour or 3.676 million kilometers per hour), Saint Nick should have plenty of speed to make all of his important deliveries. The Rudolph Red-Nose Guidance System means that the whole ride can happen autonomously, too.

Inside, Santa can enjoy heated cup holders for his hot cocoa and have access to Wi-Fi for his brief moments of relaxation. The reindeer pelt interior upholstery might not go over too well with Dasher and Dancer, though.

White64 Motors JNGL64 Santa autonomous sleigh

White64 Motors has a configurator available
for the jolly old elf to build his JNGL64. He can choose from four vanity license plates, five shades of red, and whether the vehicle has treads or skis. There’s even a variety of hood ornaments, including a reindeer, angel, snowman, and decorated Christmas tree.

As you might guess, the JNGL64 isn’t a real undertaking. Instead, it’s the annual holiday project by advertising agency White64 that the company uses to build workers' morale and market itself to potential clients. This year, the firm decided to parody the earnest teaser campaigns by the autonomous driving tech businesses that have flooded the market.

For the JNGL64, White64 has fake auto designer Chris Eve (get it?) and has him pitch the new project. Check out the video above and check out the Website for the autonomous sleigh, here.

Source: White64, White64 Motors

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