The BMW 1M is a feisty little drift monster. With a 3.0-liter, six-cylinder turbo motor serving up 340 horsepower (250 kilowatts), a relatively short wheelbase, rear-wheel-drive, and traction control that can actually be turned off, silly slides are a mere twitch of the throttle away.

Add another couple of hundred horsepower to the mix and things get cranked up many, many notches, as you can see in the video here.

This particular 1M is fitted with the 5.0-liter V10 motor from the E60-generation M5 sedan, one of the greatest engines of all time. With a few tweaks, it makes 550 hp (410 kW) here. And sounds like an enraged banshee.

Out on track, the car is capable of throwing truly ridiculous shapes, swinging wildly to almost 90 degrees to the direction of travel. And chewing through a pair of rear tires in a couple of smoke- and noise-filled laps.

And due credit to the owner and driver, Jaap Bosma, who is clearly extremely handy.

The 1M GTS, as Jaap calls it, was built by Dutch BMW tuner GNG Motorsport, which seems to specialize in stuffing massive engines into small cars. I don’t think it’s going too far out on a limb to say this thing is their finest work.

But it does hide a small small secret. You see, though it now looks like a 1M, it didn’t start life that way. Because it was actually an anaemic 118d originally, with a wheezing diesel engine that coughed out about 140 hp (104 kW). Apparently it was a wreck when Jaap found it in an Irish junk yard.

That is a bit of a relief, as a genuine 1M is a rare ride - just 6,309 examples were built. Values have started rising in the last couple of years, too - not that they lost any value from the MSRP price, anyway.  

Source: Speedhunters

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