Drifter, rallycrosser, record-breaker, stunt driver, presenter, and ludicrously nice guy Tanner Foust has put his own spin on the “gymkhana” genre with this little film, titled Quantum Drift.

As the name suggests, it’s a take on the classic 1980s TV show Quantum Leap, that brilliantly bonkers slice of time-traveling hokum.

We follow Tanner and his bright yellow steering wheel as he leaps between a number of vehicles, including his lunatic, 600 horsepower Global Rallycross VW Beetle. And his lunatic, rear-wheel-drive, V8-engined Formula Drift VW Passat. And a drift-tastic Polaris ATV. And a speedboat.

Much drifting, donuting, jumping, and generally driving extremely fast, extremely sideways ensues. All in unlikely places. You don’t often see a rallycross car ripping up a switchback forest road. Or an industrial park. Or a Formula Drift car tearing along a dirt track up a mountain. He doesn’t drift the boat, though. But I’m sure he tried.

Tanner is refreshingly honest about the film. “We dreamt up this action sequence that basically gave me the chance to drive as many fun machines as possible in one video,” he said. And to think it’s how he makes his living. Lucky so-and-so.

Jacob Agajanian of Donut Media, the production company behind the film, added: "Our films are fast and fun and a little sketchy." No kidding! Tanner manages to rescue a few massive moments that appear pretty terminal, and jumping across huge, flat bed trailers looks potentially, err, lethal. Still, he's a pro and probably wasn't phased by any of it.

Tanner has three U.S. rallycross championships, two Formula Drift titles, four X Games gold medals, and three world records on his record. And if there was an award for having the most “American” name it’s possible to have, he would win that as well.


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