Monday Motorbikes of Brisbane, CA, has released the M1, an electric bicycle requiring no license or registration.

The bike features regenerative braking, five-hour home recharge and quick-swap batteries for extended range.

The instrument panel displays power consumption, has a usb port and programable keyless ignition with password. The bike has a range of 50 miles (80 kilometers), with Sport and Economy modes. It’s also Bluetooth enabled for smartphone use.

The brushless DC motor is hung from a loop frame, with dual-shock swingarm, telescopic fork and front disc brake. The lithium-ion batteries are housed in a faux fuel tank on the upper frame tube. (Given the ample space in the lower frame loop, we would like to see the batteries relocated for a lower center of mass/gravity.  And please tell the rider models to buckle those helmets.


Monday Motorbikes M1