Mini continues to expand model lineup with a new compact SUV set to be launched in 2010. With a wheelbase of 2606mm and a length of over 4 meters, this Mini SUV will be the largest yet.

Here are the latest spy shots of Mini's upcoming compact SUV from somewhere in magical car testing land, otherwise known as Lapland in Scandinavia. This new Mini SUV model was unveiled as the Crossover Concept at the Paris auto show last year.

It may possibly be named the Crossman. It may not. Or maybe it will be called the Maxi. One thing for sure is it won't be going by the generic name Crossover.

In any case, whatever it will eventually be called, Automotive News reports that the new Mini compact SUV will be produced by Magna Steyr in Austria and that production numbers have been set at a cautiously optimistic 80,000 units a year.

Looking past the funky camouflage we can see from the wheelbase, reported to be 2606mm, and a length of over 4 meters that this will be the largest Mini yet.

Details beyond that are few but you can safely expect to see Mini's 1.6 liter turbocharged engine, with a horsepower and torque configuration more on the muscular side to power this all-wheel drive SUV, in this new Crossman, Maxi...whatever.

The new Mini SUV will debut sometime in 2010.