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There are probably some Mini Cooper owners who would prefer to have a Porsche 911 convertible or maybe even an Iveco big rig. Compiling such an eclectic collection wouldn’t be very easy in the real world, but it only takes one Lego kit plus a few spare parts to build them all at home. A person on Flickr with the username Serge S. demonstrates how versatile an old set can be by offering guides for building completely different vehicles.

Both of these amazing creations use the Lego’s 1,077-part Mini Cooper, which is kit number 10242. Serge’s 888-part Iveco truck only uses the parts from the original set, which is incredible given the result. He complains on Flickr about not being happy with the front wheels, but they look good to us. He’s also not satisfied with the different designs of the chassis’ left and ride sides. However, turning a Mini into a big rig is still an impressive undertaking.

Iveco Truck Lego

Serge has also build two versions of a droptop Porsche 911. The original is a 984-part model that features white stripes on the hood and rear. The only piece not from the Mini Cooper set is the steering wheel. While it took Serge two months of regular work to build the Porsche the first time, he later decided there was too much white on the back and added some extra green parts that weren’t in the original kit, according to The Brick Brothers.

Porsche 911 Lego

Serge discusses the reason behind modifying existing Lego sets in his Flickr profile. “The limitation in the amount of details in one or two sets gave me more freedom in my creations than a pile of countless blocks, which have always awoken the fear of blank paper in me,” the builder wrote. Serge offers instructions for creating the Porsche, Iveco, and many other projects at Rebrickable.

Source: The Brick Brothers, Flickr, Rebrickable

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