Only 94 cars are affected.

Toyota has announced a recall for its 2017 86 sports coupe, which affects a total of 94 vehicles. Not the number is important here, but the reason – the Japanese manufacturer says in the involved cars connectors for the automatic transmission key interlock may not have been connected during pre-delivery service prior to sale. In this case, it is possible to remove the key in gear positions other than P (Park), and this could “increase the risk of vehicle rollaway and a crash.” Also, it's out of compliance with federal rules.

All 94 owners of affected vehicles will be notified starting in January next year and will be asked to return their vehicles to a dealer. There, their cars will be inspected, and if necessary, the delivery mode connector will be connected at no charge. Models with a key fob and ignition button are not affected, the manufacturer says.

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Interestingly, a very similar problem cropped up earlier this year, when the 86 was still offered as the Scion FR-S. Back in February, the now-defunct Scion brand recalled nearly 26,000 examples of the 2013-2016 FR-S, as some cars with automatic transmission were not equipped with connection for the key interlock. Subaru was not involved in the recall, as the company commented the issue is related to the work conducted during pre-delivery service from Toyota or Scion.

Soon, Toyota is expected to start working on the next generation 86. At this point, it’s not clear whether the sports car will be developed in cooperation with Subaru, but we already got a confirmation there will be a new 86. “The GT86 will carry on,” Toyota Europe boss Karl Schlicht told Autocar earlier this month, and it will arrive in 2019. Currently a flagship sports car for the brand, the 86 will be positioned below the long-awaited Supra successor.

Source: Toyota

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