New Mercedes-Benz E-Class in motion - First official video of 2010 E-Class. The E-Class goes on sale in Europe in March with a litany of engines, including three diesels, all with improved fuel economy.

Now we get to see it move.

Here's a video on the new 2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedan. Watch and wonder.

The E-Class sedan will come with a wide range of both petrol and diesel engines all with improved fuel economy. Three new 4-cylinder diesel engines, the 200, 220 and 250 CDI, come with an average mileage of only 5.3 liters per 100 km (44 mpg US) and all are EU5 compliant. The new E 350 BlueTEC, a six-cylinder diesel engine set to make it into the E-Class this fall, already meets EU6 emissions standards that are to come into effect in 2014.

Improvements are in effect on the petrol side too with stop/start technology on the E 200 CGI with 184 hp returning an impressive fuel economy of 6.8 liter per 100 km (35 mpg US).

Mercedes recently announced pricing on the E-Class for the German market. Ten different E-Class configurations starting at €41,590.50 for the E220 and climbing to €70,269.50 for the E500 4matic. Question: What is the 50 euro cents for? Seriously, couldn't they just round it off?


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