SEAT is presenting a prototype of its first electric car to the government of Spain. The vehicle is based on a León and currently returns a range of about 50km in battery mode.

SEAT has begun working on a future consisting of sustainable electrically-driven vehicles. The SEAT brand is presenting its electric car project to the Spanish government during a special event held at the SEAT Technical Centre. Based on the León, this prototype runs on a lithium-ion battery which is used during urban trips and an internal combustion engine that kicks in for longer journeys.

Power is 35kW (47hp) and the car is capable of a self-imposed 100km/h top speed. The prototype currently has a range of only 50km based on a full battery charge, an area which SEAT admits needs a lot of improvement if the first production cars are to be made available by its 2014 deadline. SEAT hopes to eventually produce vehicles that are fully electric-powered, don't produce harmful emissions and are not bad for the environment.

SEAT was represented at the event by Francisco García Sanz, a member of Volkswagen's Executive committee and Chairman of SEAT's Board of Directors. The Chairman of SEAT Erich Schmitt was also present. Government representation was in the form of Miguel Sebastián, Spanish Minister for Industry, Tourism and Business as well as local and municipal government dignitaries.