When not driving one of the most hotly anticipated supercars on the market, owners can enjoy a scale model of it on their desk.

Acura wants to make the new NSX’s ownership experience something really special, so each early customer is getting a customer video that shows his or her car’s exact specifications. The brand calls this initiative NSX Originals, and the company is previewing the clips by releasing the one for the third supercar off the assembly line, which is going to Jay Leno.

Even if you don’t care about the denim-clad comedian’s NSX, the program’s Website includes the videos for all the supercars with deliveries so far. A random clip loads when you go to the page, but you can check out the rest by adding a four-digit number after “explore/” in the URL. For example if you want to see the 25th NSX, alter the link to /explore/0025/.

Each 30-second film features a slightly different mix of clips that demonstrate the supercar’s production process at the Performance Manufacturing Center in Marysville, Ohio. Each video also starts with the NSX’s production number and ends by showing that vehicle’s specific mix of options.  In addition to these personalized videos, Acura also gives early NSX buyers a 1:18 scale model that shows the exact specs of their supercar, including the exterior and interior color.

The clips will be nice keepsakes for early owners. “The NSX Originals video campaign is seasonal in nature and will endure through the first quarter of next year or so.  The 1:18 model program will continue,” Acura Public Relations Manager Matt Sloustcher told Motor1 via email.

The NSX is just beginning deliveries to customers in the United States and prices start at $157,800 (after $1,800 destination), which makes them the most expensive mass-produced car built in the United States. The first one brought $1.2 million for charity a Barrett-Jackson auction.

Buyers in Europe and in Australia are also starting to take delivery of them. However, the NSX doesn’t arrive in Japan until February 27, 2017.

Source: Acura, NSX Originals

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