Academy Award-winning cinematographer Wally Pfister shot the ad in Iceland.

Matthew McConaughey slides behind the wheel and enjoys the backseat of Lincoln’s flagship 2017 Continental sedan in the brand’s latest commercial with the Oscar-winning actor. Like with the earlier spots, the new ad with the title “Crafted” allows some of McConaughey personality to shine through while showing off the vehicle’s features. The model's campaign called “That’s Continental” begins airing December 31.

Set on a vast expanse of water, the 60-second spot opens with McConaughey admiring the Continental. After showing off the sedan’s design, the actor gets inside, and things start to get a little weird. From the driver’s seat, McConaughey talks to his doppelgänger enjoying the amenities for rear occupants. A rapid series of cuts then shows the star playing with the interior like beating on the steering wheel and opening the center console storage compartment.

While this commercial doesn’t have the quirkiness of McConaughey's much-parodied ads for the MKC, it does a good job of showing off the Continental to buyers that might not be familiar with the luxury sedan. The spot focuses on the four door’s amenities, but a mention of the available 3.0-liter biturbo V6 with 400 horsepower (298 kilowatts) and 400 pound-feet (542 Newton-meters) of torque might get the attention of a few more potential customers.

“Crafted” is part of a multi-commercial ad campaign that McConaughey is doing for the Continental. The spot “Entrance” highlights the model’s front end. Academy Award-winning cinematographer Wally Pfister (The Dark Knight, Inception) principally shot the ads in Iceland.

The Continental has only been on sale for a few months, and Lincoln has delivered 3,416 of them through November 2016, including 1,419 just in that month. Prices for them start at $45,485 (including $925 destination), and the top-end Black Label trim like in this commercial begins at $63,840. Base models use a 3.7-liter naturally aspirated V6 with 305 hp (227 kW), but most buyers would likely opt for the 2.7-liter EcoBoost turbocharged V6 with 335 hp (250 kW). The aforementioned 400-hp powerplant is an option on the Reserve and Black Label models. All-wheel drive is also available throughout the range. Ticking every possibly box takes the model’s cost above $80,000.

Source: Lincoln

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