The milestone car is a Fabia supermini painted in Moon White.

Founded in December 1895 as “Laurin & Klement” bicycle manufacturer, the company we call today “Skoda” kicked off car production in 1905 at home in Mladá Boleslav where it assembled the first Voiturette A. Fast forward to present day, the VW-owned marque is proud to announce an important production milestone: vehicle number 19,000,000 (including L&K-badged cars).

The jubilee car is a Fabia hatchback finished in Moon White taking center stage at the same factory in the Central Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic where it’s flanked by a series of classic Skodas from yesteryear. The achievement coincides with Skoda’s 25th anniversary year of its partnership with Volkswagen and also with what’s shaping up to be an all-time annual production record. Since becoming a part of the VW Group in 1991, Skoda has managed to increase its deliveries six times thanks to an expanded family of products now including 7 model series and more than 40 model versions.

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Nowadays, Skoda is making cars at 14 locations in seven different countries and from spring 2017 production of the Octavia facelift will begin in Algeria at a new VW-SOVAC factory in Relizane.

Essai Skoda Kodiaq
Essai Skoda Kodiaq

By far the company’s most important launch in 2016 was the seven-seat Kodiaq, representing Skoda’s first-ever SUV and due to go on sale from February 2017. An all-new Yeti and a facelifted Rapid are both expected to arrive in the second half of next year. Further down the line, Skoda will roll out its first plug-in hybrid models in 2019, which are going to be based on the Kodiaq and the flagship Superb.

Meanwhile, in the next few months Skoda will take the wraps off the Octavia vRS facelift with slightly more power and will also introduce a Kodiaq Sportline. A Superb vRS is on the agenda as well, but it hasn’t been approved just yet. In regards to a possible U.S. launch, it’s not going to happen.

Source: Skoda

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