Not one, but two coupes have actually been commissioned by Roger Daltrey.

Rolls-Royce is working on a new special series of cars, this time around based on the Wraith and called “Inspired by British Music.” The BMW-owned prestigious marque is teaming up stars of the rock & roll scene to create these bespoke coupes, with The Who’s Roger Daltrey being the first name revealed. A total of nine cars are going to be made and two of them have been ordered by the band’s frontman who is also one of the founding members.

Details about pricing have not been disclosed, but Rolls-Royce says it will donate a portion of the earnings to charities, among which it mentions the Teenage Cancer Trust. This new series is a follow-up to the Wraith Inspired by Music from 2015 and RR mentions it will announce the other names from the world of rock & roll in the coming months.

The first car commissioned by Roger Daltrey will take inspiration from his own personal music legacy and will be adorned with pieces of iconography from the band’s long history that dates back to 1964. The Who’s famous “bull’s-eye” logo along with a laser-etched interpretation of Daltrey’s microphone will be implemented to lend the Wraith a special look.

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As for the second vehicle, Rolls-Royce and Daltrey will be working together with artist Mike McInnerney who was responsible for creating the artwork for the band’s seminal album, “Tommy.” It’s going to be the last of the nine cars to be built and will be auctioned in April, with some of the earnings set to be directed towards the aforementioned Teenage Cancer Trust.

Unsurprisingly, Rolls-Royce mentions each Wraith Inspired by British Music is going to be personalized to give it a unique touch and there will not be two coupes alike.

The latest special series follows a plethora of other bespoke Wraiths, including a one-off car with wood paneling and a striking Golden Yellow example riding on glossy black wheels with polished metal spokes.

Source: Rolls-Royce

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